Wednesday, 26 November 2014

State allowed to detain 13 suspects arrested during Masjid Musa raid for one week

A Mombasa court has granted police additional seven days to investigate 13 men arrested during Masjid Musa and Sakina raid two weeks ago.

Principal magistrate Justus Kituku granted the application by prosecutor Paul Makonde who said the ongoing investigations are wide and complex and involves establishing link between  the suspects and Al-Shabaab terrorist outfit.

In his prayers, Mr Makonde asked the court to grant police two more weeks to complete their investigation which they did not conclude within seven other days the court had earlier been them last week.

He expressed that the suspects would be faced with new additional new including being members of Al-Shabaab.

The suspects were  last week charged with being in possession of explosives contrary to section 6 (1) of the explosive act cap 115 laws of Kenya.

Five accused persons denied being found in possession of five hand grenades on November 17, 2014 at Musa mosque without the authority from explosive licensing officers.

They include Baraza Riziki Sudi, Abdallah Said Sarahi, Swaleh Pesa Juma, Swaleh Ahmed Swaleh and Swaleh Juma Salim.

Eight others denied being in possesion of three hand grenades on November 17, 2014 at Sakina mosque.

They include Ali Kashmin, Rama Nasoro Makoto,Kazungu David,Bakari Kassim Omar,George Kasongo, Yassir Said Amuor,Ahmed Japhet and Ame Haj Ame.

They were among 158 others arrested during last week police's crackdown within Mombasa County.

Six former Kenya Navy servicemen sentenced to life impronsonment for disserting job at time of war

The number of former Kenya navy soldiers sentenced to life imprisonment increased Thursday to six a court martial sitting at the Kenya Navy Mtongwe handed similar sentence to a senior private serviceman.

Senior private Alfred Ketole was convicted by a panel of military judges of disserting job at time of war and subsequently handed life sentence.

The panel of officers of the rank of majors and colonel passed the verdict after Judge advocate Elizabeth Usui who is also Kwale principle magistrate summed up the prosecution evidence.

She asked them to determine whether the prosecution case was proven beyond any reasonable doubt, to which the panel approved unanimously and passed the sentence.

Mr Ketole‘s lawyer Michael Mwanyale confirmed the sentence passed days after the same panel sealed the fate of his four other colleagues.

They include Samuel Maingi Malombe, John Mutua Mwewa, Leonard Kighombe and Moses Nyongesa Sumiyu.

Four months ago, lieutenant Jeffery Pepela was sentenced to life imprisonment by another court martial presided over by judge advocate Joyce Gandani who is Mombasa senior principle magistrate.

Mr Pepela has also filed his appeal before the High Court Justice Martin Muya where his lawyers have expressed that he will apply to be released on bond until his appeal is heard and determined.

They were charged of deserting job while in acting service contrary to section 74(a I) as read with section 74(3) (a) (I) of the Kenya Defense Force act 2012.

They were accused of deserting KDF on diverse dates in the year 2007 and joining private America security firms where they were deployed in war torn countries in the Middle East including Iraq, Syrian and Jordan among others.

They were initially charged with deserting KDF contrary to section 74(a I) which ordinary attract two years sentence in jail before the charge sheet was amended.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

seventeen charged for breaking curfew order

At least 17 people were charged on Monday before a Lamu county court for allegedly failing to comply with curfew orders imposed by the Inspector General of the National Police Service.

The suspects denied the charges when they were arraigned before acting principle magistrate Johnstone Munguti.

The accused, who included civil servants, were accused of failing to “comply with curfew orders issued to persons residing within Lamu county between 6:30 pm and 6:30 am”.

They were allegedly found at around 22:20 hours on October 26 this year within Mpeketoni town “drinking beer and shouting at Rocky Club in contravention to the curfew orders”. 

The ten men and seven women alleged, through lawyer Ken Njuguna, that they were beaten by police officers who arrested them.

Prosecutor Chief Inspector Caleb Mutonya told the court that the accused committed the offence contrary to section 8(1) of the public order act, chapter 56 of the constitution of Kenya.

The prosecuting counsel further told the court that suspects were found drinking while they were expected to stay indoors in accordance to the curfew orders.

Mr Mutonya also denied claims that the arresting officers assaulted the suspects.

 In his ruling Lamu acting principle magistrate Johnstone Munguti fined each of the accused persons Sh 1000 or in default serve three months in jail.

Mr Munguti directed Lamu West criminal investigation officer to record statements from the accused persons they were torched during interrogation.

Muslim leader angered over closure of mosques

A group of Muslim leaders, civil societies and politicians have called for unconditional and immediately removal of police siege placed around four mosques in Mvita and Kisauni sub-counties of Mombasa County.

They warned the government that it is counterproductive to close Masjid Musa, Sakina, Swafaa and Minaa and violation of the constitutional right to freedom of worship.

They argued that the government should deal with underling issues including problem of radicalization, violent gangs terrorizing residents, drug abuse among other social problems.

The sentiments were delivered by Supreme Council of Kenya Muslim (SUPKEM), Haki Africa and Muslim for Human Rights (MUHURI) organizations, Mvita MP Abdulswamad Nassir and his Kisauni counterpart Rashid Benzimba.

 Supkem National chairman Prof Abdulghaful El-Busaidy said he did not expect security officers to raid the four mosques clad in their full regalia including boots.

He observed that such action is not only igniting emotions of the entire Muslims community but working in the favour of those with extreme religious views.

The leaders further argued that the raid at the four mosques and their subsequent closure is detrimental to peace and harmony among Kenyans and urged the government to stop raising unnecessary animosity and tension in the coast.

Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid, Mr Nassir and Mr Benzimba said Muslims and political leaders in Mombasa are ready to work with the government deal with insecurity caused by radical youths and violent gangs in estates.

But on the same breath, they asked the government to stop its counterproductive tactics to escalate issues and unconditional open Masjid Musa, Sakina, Swafaa and Minaa.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Six killed in twin botched attacks on an army barrack and AP station

A police officer views bodies of the six killed men
Six armed men were Sunday gunned down and several others injured when a gang of about 20 armed youths attempted to raid the Nyali Army Barracks at dawn.

A similar incident occurred in Malindi when armed men attempted to overrun an Administration Police camp but were overpowered.
The two raids took place at about 5.30am
Circumstances of the daring attacks were scanty but sources indicated that the youths armed conducted the raid under the cover of heavy rainfall.
Speaking during a press brief at Uhuru na Kazi Building, the Mombasa County Commissioner Nelson Marwa said in the ‘wee hours’ 20 youths attacked the 17 Kenya Army Rifles Nyali Barracks but were repulsed.

 He said the gang dressed in black trousers resembling track-suit bottoms, black T-shirts and sky blue ribbons around their heads, unsuccessfully attempted to gain entry into the barracks, housing the 17 Kenya Rifles, an infantry battalion.
Officers shot dead six and arrested one before recovering knives, pangas and literature.

Marwa warned that the government would take decisive action against anybody planning to cause mayhem in the county.

He dismissed there was casualty from the security officers and  improvised explosive devices (IEDs) were recovered from the gang.   


15 boys arrested inside girls’ dorm


Police are holding 15 male students found sleeping in a girls’ dormitory in Mbeere South, Embu on Friday.
Boys from Embu High School sneaked into St Marys Gachoka, cut off the power and entered into a dorm.
The 11 Form Four and three Form Three students as well as one in Form One arrived in taxis after contacting the girls by mobile phones.
The school’s watchman heard male voices and alerted the principal who called police at 2am.
Local police boss said the boys were taken to hospital to establish of they had had sex.