Friday, 31 October 2014

Muhuri opposes Kimaiyo's directive over 'invasion of a mosque

Khelif Khalifa
A Mombasa based human rights organization has appealed to the government not to close down Masjid Swafaa Mosque allegedly taken over by radical youth since Friday last week.
Muslims for Human Rights group Chairman Khelef Khalifa called on the Inspector General David Kimaiyo not to allow the police to interfere with the mosques and places of worship.
He advised the government to let the Supreme Council for Kenya Muslims to handle disputes at the mosque.
Khelef called on Mr Kimaiyo to directed his officers to arrest and prosecute preachers who advocate for hatred in the society instead of directing them to invade mosques.
Addressing journalists, Masjid Swafaa Imam Sheikh Hassan Rashid denied being ejected from the position.
He said he resigned from the position and dimmised media reports that he went into hiding fearing for his life.
On Thursday, the Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo directed officers to flush out the youth who accused of kicking out the moderate imam.
Muhuri Executive Director, Hassan Abdille said the information by the media about the mosque was exaggerated.
There was uneasy calm Friday as police patrol vehicles made rounds in Kisauni.

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